Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Doctor Who - The Time Trap! Fantastic full cast audio production

I was thrilled to play the Doctor again for the first time in a number of years for a brand new Doctor Who audio adventure entitled "The Time Trap" from the Gallifrey Stands Podcast. This is a full cast production featuring a number of well known superstars from the worlds of science fiction including John GuilorRichard James, Toby Hadoke, Ross Mullan, Andrew Chalmers, Ian McNeice and lots more!

Not only that BUT delightfully this production is dedicated to Ronald McDonald House - a very worthy cause and one of great importance to us as this is where we stayed when my son Ben was so poorly. Ronald McDonald House is a wonderful facility for families when they are going through the worst of times. Please have a listen!

The Gallifrey Stands Podcast presents…

Doctor Who: The Time Trap.

Download The Tangent-Bound Network, iTunes, Stitcher : http://tinyurl.com/Trap1

When Time gets unstuck in the TARDIS, the Doctor must travel through its corridors experiencing moments from the past.

Joined only by his new companion Orla, they meet many friends & foes from their past and face some of their personal demons on their journey to fix the TARDIS, save the Doctor's timeline and the TARDIS herself.

Please give whatever you can to the charity ‘The Time Trap’ is recorded in support of, Ronald McDonald House charities http://www.rmhc.org.uk/donate/. Giving a place to stay for the families of children undertaking or recovering from surgery on or next to hospital grounds worldwide.

Doctor Who – The Time Trap Stars (In order of Appearance)

Doctor Squee as The Doctor
Michelle Sewell as Orla
Ross Mullan as Cowboy Bill
Toby Hadoke as Grandfather
Stuart Shaw as the young
Craig Lucas as Bar Tender 1
Paul Boniface as Bar Tender 2
John Guilor as the 1st & 4th Doctor
Scott Holden as ‘That Man’
Ben Gummery as the Newsreader
Lewis Mainwaring as The Weatherman
Robert Lloyd as The War Doctor
Richard James as The Master
Melissa Dwyer as Tegan
Mike Mann as Van Statten
Blake and Naimh Sewell as Orla’s Children
Claire Shaw as Sarah-Jane Smith
Andrew Chalmers as the Dark Journey Doctor
MA Tamburro as F.R.E.D
Adam Manning as the Doctor from Tyranny of the Daleks
Brian Coombes as the Brigadier

Special guest appearance by Ian McNeice as Winston Churchill


Sound effects by Monkey Basement productions
Music by Dan Parkinson at Wooden Heart recording studios Southampton
Artwork by Doctor Who artwork by VortexVisuals
Doctor Who the Time Trap was a Gallifrey Stands production
With thanks to AM Audio Media
Cheeky Monkey Pictures!
 Dottie Who.
The Doctor & Orla will return next Christmas in ‘Death at Christmas

Gallifrey Stands is sponsored by http://www.DottiesCharms.co.uk/ Check out the Doctor Who range today.

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