Monday, 6 May 2013

X-Men: First Class.. some notes from watching the DVD

X-Men: First Class is a super-hero film that was released in 2011 during a period that amounts to a golden age of movies for comic book readers.  Along with other high quality releases such as the Iron Man, Captain America and Batman films, this production is part of the new high quality super-hero films that take full advantage of today's computer graphics to bring the comic vision to the big screen. I watched it again recently on DVD and thought I'd get down a few notes on it.

It is an excellent film made with a lot of style and class.  Right from the start, the real world history trappings of the Holocaust and the Cuban missile crisis draw you into the action. Fabulous design - getting the sixties look just right without indulging in any cliche stereotyping. The two leads were impressive, especially for my money Michael Fassbender, tortured as he is by his experiences in the concentration camps.  

The initial scenes in the camp are very powerful and set the tone for some strong melodrama. It really triumphs as a superhero film, combining clashing personalities with the  mythological, magical conflict of god like beings. A clever plot, all about the manipulation of world events, adds intrigue and has Kevin Bacon bringing some sense of realism to the mix, his older, more sophisticated character hinting he is the sort of man who could pull such a plan off.

Its just the sort of film that might tempt me to buy a HD TV so I can watch the Blu-Ray. Highly recommended.. whilst a long film, I didn't want it to end.  What's great is this long golden age of high quality big screen superheroics is still very much ongoing...

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